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January 11, 2006

Remy Ma stopped by the office yesterday afternoon to play us tracks from her album There's Something About Remy, talk a little about the making of the LP (while being filmed by BET), and generally brighten our workspace with her Terror Squadian presence.

The record has been a long time in the works (the Keyshia Cole track once featured Claudette from City High, if that gives you an idea of the timeline), but it's finally ready to drop this February. For real this time. "They started pressing them up already!" Remy insists. The finished LP contains club joints galore (the Scram Jones & Agallah-produced "Lights, Camera, Action" and Swizz's "Night On Disco Mountain"-sampling "Whuteva" were standouts), but lots of straight ahead BX hip-hop for Remy to grime up as well.

The Big Pun collab was originally recorded during the Yeeah Baby sessions (held back by Pun at the time, because he felt it "wasn't hardcore enough" to serve as Remy's introduction to the rap world) and a Kanye-ish banger by Emile ("He looks like a computer dude who should be making...programs or something," says Remy of Emile. "But his beats are so soulful!") - but no sign of "Rapid Fire", easily our favorite track from of Remy's mixtape output. According to Remy, it got held up for sample clearance issues as well as the fact that "it didn't fit anywhere on this album", but that insane beat might still show up as an iTunes exclusive. Or maybe you'll get it some other way. "I'm a leak-aholic," she smirked. Walk around the metal detectors...

Here's the full tracklist for There's Something About Remy:

1. Pun's Words

2. She's Gone (prod Buckwild)

3. Lights, Camera, Action (prod Scram Jones & Agallah)

4. Tight f. Fat Joe (prod Cool & Dre)

5.Whuteva (prod Swizz Beatz)

6. Conceited Messages (skit)

7. Conceited (There's Something About Remy) (prod Scott Storch)

8. Feels So Good f. Ne-Yo (prod Knobody & LV)

9. I'm (prod David Banner)

10. Thug Love f. Big Pun (prod Alchemist)

11. Secret Location (prod J-Notes)

12. In Da Street (skit)

13. Bilingual f. Ivy Queen (prod LV)

14. Conscience (skit)

15. Guilty (prod Sean C)

16. Crazy (prod Emile)

17. What's Going On f. Keyshia Cole (prod Che Harris & Joe Davi)

18. Still (prod Cool & Dre)

Check for Remy Ma's record in a few weeks. Check for her insane patent-leather DC boots on a ski slope near you. And check the repeat of her Emeril Live episode (for real!) on Food Network Jan 19th.

Posted: January 11, 2006
Yeah Yeah Yeah