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January 12, 2006

Not long after Patterson Hood gave us the spoken word version of the Drive-By Truckers' new record A Blessing And A Curse, the album itself arrived in our grubby, ashy, quivery hands. If we could stop listening to it for ten minutes we might take the time to give you the track-by-track analysis, but this shit comes out in April! Y'all can wait. For now, go hear the first single "Feb 14", and check the tracklisting and the who-wrote-what after the jump.

A Blessing And A Curse (New West, April 2006)

1. Feb 14 (Patterson Hood)
2. Gravity's Gone (Mike Cooley)
3. Easy On Yourself (Jason Isbell)
4. Aftermath USA (Hood)
5. Goodbye (Hood)
6. Daylight (Isbell)
7. Wednesday (Hood)
8. Little Bonnie (Hood)
9. Space City (Cooley)
10. A Blessing And A Curse (Hood)
11. A World Of Hurt (Hood)

Posted: January 12, 2006
Be Mine