January 17, 2006

That E-40/Keak The Sneak "Tell Me When To Go" clip we were so geeked about when it was filming this past December is finally done. How do we know that? Cause all day long, links to the video have been passed to us on MySpace (Is every rapper in the Bay on MySpace?), shown to us on blogs, and even sent to us by dudes in Australia shouting "SHAKE THEM DREADS!" in the subject header.

Was the excitement justified?
Check the video here and say "OF COURSE IT WAS!" for yourselves. The vid, filmed by "Stay Fly" (and...Aaron Carter) director Bernard Gourley, has pretty much everything you could want: sick B&W widescreen, dancers riding the yellow bus in the middle of an abandoned building, Keak rapping from a fast food window, and of course, the Ballatician 40 Water himself, spitting it like no other. "Some Henny, some Swishers, and some Listerine Strips..."

All of us will have to wait until March for E-40's full LP My Ghetto Report Card on Warner/BME (featuring a guest list that includes Rick Rock, Kanye West, Lil’ Scrappy, Bohagon, Mike Jones, Juelz Santana, Turf Talk, B-Legit, The Federation, 8Ball, UGK, and more), but in the meantime, get your back issue on with our Yay Area feature from last year, read this massive E-40 interview from F33, and wait for a blog post later this week (postal service permitting - hey, we have to wait for the mail too!) on the sure-to-be massive, all-Bay mixtape from DJ E-Rock of Shade45 and G-Unit mastermind Whoo Kid. Yeeeee!

Posted: January 17, 2006