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Hello Fans Of News

January 17, 2006

The NYT shouted us out (once again), this time for our coverage of the beautiful moment that was Weezy F and Robby T performing "Shooter" on the televator. They left out a www and a backslash in the link though, so in case you missed it, the post in question is here, and the video in question is here (or here, for you WMA folks).

Also: our people in Detroit have been telling us that folks are calling up radio requesting "that Robert Thicke song", so things are looking good for our fave ex-bicycle messenger, regardless of how you want to say his name. Keep an ear out for a Flipmode remix of "Robert's" "Wanna Love U Girl". (Remember when there was a Flipmode remix of everything? Get ready for the return.)

Posted: January 17, 2006
Hello Fans Of News