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Roll Deep

January 19, 2006

We finally sifted through all the entries for our Chevy HHR customization contest, and were feeling Kiana Baldwin's the most - she just won herself a CD collection from all of The FADER's 2005 cover stars. Check her design from another angle and see other contest runner-ups after the jump.

Says Kiana: "As a certified design nerd i've changed the body style, added a graphic, and a lil' bling to the rims. I've also taken the HHR and gave it a place on my block in Brooklyn (Schenectady & Prospect)."

We were also digging Brendon Key's lowrider version of the HHR, and Amanda Leigh Zapzic's killer-bee rims.

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you want to get customizing on the real thing, check out HHRclub.org.

Posted: January 19, 2006
Roll Deep