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Odd Squad

January 24, 2006

Indiana indies Odawas and lo-fi legend R Stevie Moore jammed the ultimate tweeeek out sesh at Tonic last Friday — which should come as no surprise if you’ve been reading our massive pre-game coverage of this little "FADER Presents" concert.

Odawas was reverbalicious and quietly epic, and we’re psyched to hear the new tunes on their forthcoming album (and rumored solo record from singer Michael Tapscott). Initially shirtless, RSM appeared on stage with Guthrie-esque guitar emblazoned with the phrase, “THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS” (holler) and proceeded to launch into a series of uber-trippy numbers that ranged from airing out WFMU, to something called “CGI Bin Laden Beheaded” to our personal favorite, “Employees Must Wash Hands [Before Returning To Work]”. It bears mentioning that on his website RSM thanks all of his six camera men—and although we really only saw one—we’re counting down the days till we can get a videostream of the madness. Long live psych folk!

Posted: January 24, 2006
Odd Squad