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Destination: Desert

February 03, 2006

Maybe it's the unseasonably warm weather here in New York (actually, unseasonable is an understatement...it's more like the Ozone layer's curtain call) but we found our thoughts drifting westward, out to Indio, California, the site of the annual Coachella Music Festival. Tickets for the fest, which takes place April 29 and 30, go on sale tomorrow, so we thought we'd run through some of the entertainment that will be on display amongst the dunes and dehydrated masses.

Many of the acts playing this year are ripped straight from the pages and covers of our humble mag. Day 1 is topped by the gothfathers, Depeche Mode, who are supported in their misery by the likes of FADER cover alums Animal Collective and Damian Marley. Out on the streets they call it TASTEMAKING. What you know about it? Other Day 1 artists who've graced our pages include Devendra Banhart, Lady Sov and My Morning Jacket. They're joined by the likes of Franz Ferdinand, TV On The Radio and a slew of others. The second day finds another gaggle of faves hootenannying in the sand. Tool headlnes, with Sleater-Kinney, Mogwai, Editors and FADER cover bros Dungen. Cop some tickets, put the (suntan) lotion in the basket and make all necessary preparations in anticipation of getting your mind blown. Last year was cracking and this one looks even better. See you in the pit, Moshers.

Posted: February 03, 2006
Destination: Desert