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February 05, 2006


Our covergirl Jenny Lewis stopped by the Angel Orensanz Center last night to deliver acoustical jams to the waiting and willing (and winter coat-ed) people of NYC, and she was rolling deep.

Along with the Watson Twins and Jonathan Rice backing her up, pal M Ward came to open the show, bringing out supreme bros Jim James and Conor Oberst as guests of his own. But the vibe was more front-porch singalong than Calvacade Of Indie Rock Stars! - from Ward's Transistor Radio cuts to Lewis's new songs ("We don't have a title for this yet!"), the crowd was transfixed by nothing more than a bunch of friends strumming next to one another.

The rest of the internets will do a thorough enough job of recapping and picture sharing - we'd just like to add that the Laura Nyro cover was dope, and in an evening full of beautiful small details and added bonuses, these photocopied, school play-style Rabbit Fur Coat songbooks given to everyone as they walked in might just have taken the cake.

Posted: February 05, 2006