Stay Strapped

February 21, 2006

Last week we headed over to Milk Studios for a release party celebrating...a bag.

Normally we'd go off on the bizarro world-ness of that entire concept for a minute or two - but if any satchel is deserving of it's own party, it's this one. The respective gurus of Gravis and Turntable Lab put their heads together to create the finest DJ bag known to mankind, from its slanted sides for better browsing to its padded, perfectly-sized pockets for Serato and other accessories. There was some real R&D on this shit!

We're going to stop before we go off opining about high-quality zipper pulls, etc etc, so here are some pics from the party itself, deejayed by FADER friends (and EVR patnas) Mark Ronson and Blu Jemz.

Posted: February 21, 2006
Stay Strapped