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America’s Next Top Blogger

February 24, 2006

The ultimate bros of Portland, Oregon's RIL music community have been extra busy as of late (and we're not just talking remix comps). Extra-prolific songwriter Thanksgiving (né Adrian Orange) put out a self-titled three album collection late last year and already has a new one called Cave Days And Moments, while Adam Forkner worked on Devendra Banhart's Cripple Crow record and under his White Rainbow moniker will be holding a day long "Full-Spectrum Vibrational Healing Center" at Machine Project this Saturday during ArthurBall in LA. But the move most friendly to the internerdatorium is the Ultimate Blogger competition created by Jona Bechtolt and Steve Schroeder.

Co-hosted by Schroeder (who runs States Rights Records) and filmed/edited/computerfied by Bechtolt (who makes music as YACHT), Ultimate Blogger is a reality show/absurdist parody where twelve contestants compete for the title of Ultimate Blogger. You can still watch clips from last season at their ultimate site, but more importantly, they are about to start up the second season and they are looking for more awesome dudes for the battle. (By awesome dudes, they don't just mean dude dudes, they're also looking for girl dudes.) Get your application in by February 24, 5:00 PM PST (hot crap, that's today!) so you can compete for the $1000 prize package. Or if you're too shy with your digital photos of urban landscapes, just follow all the action online.

Posted: February 24, 2006
America’s Next Top Blogger