You Can Find Him In The Bay

March 02, 2006

When DJ E Rock of Shade45 first told us about his G-Unit co-signed Bay Bidness mixtape featuring nothing but local artists, we were geeked. When we actually got the final mix a few weeks back, we were even more geeked - and we knew E Rock's collection of huge hits and exclusive joints was worthy of more extensive shine than our average mixtape blogdown. So, in the spirit of Ayres and JD's epic Houston For Dummies overview, check E-Rock's track-by-track commentary on Bay Bidness Vol 1 after the jump, and grab a copy of the mix for yourself at the Shadyville website.

Nump, “I Got Grapes”

This "Illapino", as 40 calls him, is probably the most charismatic dude you will ever meet in your life and it shows when he rocks these shows out here. It’s really something when you see a crowd of 2,000 people chant “WHO GOT PURPLE? I GOT GRAAAAAPES!”.

DJ Shadow f. Turf Talk & Keak Da Sneak, “3 Freaks”

Of course, anything with Keak is like a pair of Jordans out this way, everyone’s trying to get it! Turf Talk is also the next dude to really be heir to the throne out here alongside Droop E (who just did a remix to this joint.) This joog just sets it off man, listen to how progressive it moves and just “goes”.

Federation, “Hoes In Here”

Makes sense, makes you go dummy, this just is a retarded joint to play in the club.

Mistah F.A.B f. Messy Marv & Mr. Kee, “City Limits”

Samples the theme to The Streets Of San Francisco - how perfect does that sound! The way Marv and Kee come through is just out of this world. Been one of my favorite joints off F.A.B.’s Son Of A Pimp album.

Ya Boy f. Jin, “16’s With Us”

I wasn’t a huge Jin fan till I heard him get down with someone from the Bay on a joint that came straight from the Bay Area. Ya Boy has always been clean, and so was the original version’s Star Wars sample, but this one sets it off big with the whole concept of getting down from NY to the Bay.

The Team, “That Team Is Us” (E ROCK EXCLUSIVE)

40 would tell me that I was late like FEMA because I’ve actually had this freestyle for a year and finally found the right place for it to fit in.

Mistah F.A.B, “New Oakland”

Oaktown anthem, gotta rep the birthplace of hyphy hard.

B Legit f. Clyde Carson, “Block 4 Life”

Sick Wid It will always be in the building, one the craziest block joints you will ever hear from the savage.

San Quinn f. EA Ski, “Hell Yeah”

San Quinn’s biggest record to date, huge up and down the coast, the rest of the country needs to know about it!

J Valentine F. Bailey, “Go Dumb”

T Pain gotta be hot that this joint took off harder in the Bay than his real version of “I’m Sprung.” I personally think this version is hotter but the Bay never lies about a great concept, J does his thing.

The Mossie f. Mistah F.A.B, “Throw It Up”

For those that do not know, The Mossie have been doing this for many moons and hyphy couldn’t be defined without them having a page in that book if you dig what I’m saying. 40’s underbosses and game contributors have to have a place in this, you think all these dances we do didn’t start from somewhere? Watch the old school 40 videos, you’ll see what I’m saying.

The Federation f. Busta Rhymes, “Twerk Something”

I’ll be real, I wasn’t supposed to have this joint, but it never made the first Federation album. This one should have been that one that helped propelled this movement further than it was at the time but it is what it is, and it’s on Bay Bidness Vol 1. I told Rick that I was the only one who had it, and hey… Enough said.

Damani F. Keak Da Sneak & Too Short, “Gotta Stay Paid”

I fucks with Damani and his camp tough although I ain’t heard from them in a month or so. We got on the phone a while back and he wanted to know how he could possibly break out in the Bay Area, I told his camp that he would need a boss to vouch for him. We searched around for a while and found that Keak was up to do the joint with him to help bridge the gap between LA and the BAY. Sure enough we did.

Fed Ex, “Losing It”

This was like a weird situation. My homie Sly @ always sends me songs that he likes and I do the same so we can compare our views. I remember he sent this to me over the instant message and I was like, yo, this joint is fucking incredible. I called PK and let him know that it needed to be heard.

Ya Boy Freestyle

Just listen to the kid, you’ll understand why.

Stressmatic Freestyle

One third of The Federation and one of my closest sahobs to date in this here area we call the Yay. We were in the studio one night and he spoke on how he loved the Jeezy “Go Crazy” beat and how he wanted to rip it. So we did it, and made it happen. For the record, Stress did this joint for homie E Rock.

Keak Da Sneak, “Say It Ain’t So”

Keak’s manager John played me this joint, I was like where is that from? Who’s got it? A few people got it but since I’ve been playing it on Bomb Bay Radio, it’s just been getting mad phones. Whoo Kid and I gave this joint a final home here on Bay Bidness Vol. 1 so the rest of the country could hear it via mixtape if they didn’t have Sirius.

E40, “Tell Me Something Slick” Prod. By Jake One

I heard this joint about two years ago at 40’s house and he didn’t know what he wanted to do with it! So I stayed on him for a year then gave up, this was in my days of commercial radio. But soon enough I linked up with Jake One via my manager, and we ended up being the ones who got it out of anyone in the Bay Area. I will be real, I guard this joint with my life, one of my favorite 40 joints of all time.

Turf Talk, “Hustler”

Turf Talk comes to my house very often just to hang out, and hey…It happens, they leave shit at your house all the time! Well yeah he left this at my crib along with another joint titled “Hood Hop” which will be on Bay Bidness 2. I loved this joint to death and just started really holding it up high on my radio show. I had to do it! If you ain’t knowing about Turf, know about him, he is literally the west coast vaccine.

Hoodstarz f. Mistah F.A.B, Clyde Carson & Turf Talk, “Grown Man Remix”

Club anthem, remix with the hottest youngstas, Traxamillion ("Superhyphy" producer) on the track… It’s a wrap, play this in a Bay club, you will see what I am saying.

Da Muzicianz f. The Federation, “Go Dumb Remix” Prod. By Rick Rock

Now everyone had something to say about how these Muzicianz dudes tried to take our swagger and so forth. Typical Bay lingo argument we call "GAME THIEVING." I even did a piece on my show about it. But the original joint caused so much talk amongst Bay rap fans that these dudes had to redeem themselves in the by fuckin with the original fathers of “GO DUMB”. I got this joint from Nando at WCRydaz, Da Muzicianz used that website as a vital tool to talk to the west and apologize for anything they might have done. I got this joog and just went crazy…

E 40 F. Keak Da Sneak, “Tell Me When To Go”

Do we even need to ask why we put it on? Even though when we finished this tape this record wasn’t as big as it is now, this was the joog that put hyphy on the map to the nation and to radio jocks across the country! Trust, me, watch the video, this is the 3 minute explaintion of where we are from. “The Bay, where everyone goes hyphy and gets dumb, and the soil where every rapper takes they lingo from.”

Balance f. E-A-Ski, “Gotta Get It”

A Bay record with a national feel. E-A-Ski kicks his feet on this joint, and Balance, “the Bay Area mixtape king” proves that he’s not only the wicked freestyle kid on your favorite tapes, he can actually make records too.

Droop E & B Slim, “It’s 2 Easy”
The son and nephew of E 40 & The Mossie. The new generation of the Sick Wid It faculty. These kids are the next to continue the legacy of the watermelon. Produced by D 1 of the Pharmaceuticals!

Posted: March 02, 2006
You Can Find Him In The Bay