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Here Lizard Lizard

March 16, 2006

The FADER editorial superteam finally sailed into Texas late Wednesday night. First up on the agenda? Brisket! Close second? Checking Chamillionaire's headlining set at the Back Room. "How many of y'all are on MySpace? Damn, there's a lot of nerds here. I'm on MySpace too, but I'm too cool to be a nerd."

Last year set the bar high as far as opening night TX rap shows are concerned, and fortunately the Color Changer did not disappoint. Dude was so amped to perform that he was skipping ahead over his own backing tracks for a minute, but once he caught the groove it was on. Along with all the singles off Sound Of Revenge, we were treated to the extra-melodic, half-sung joints where Chamillionaire truly shines, like the Mixtape Messiah version of "Slow Jamz", and even a handful of cuts off his stone-classic (we said it!) Get Ya Mind Correct.

Spackled in between was lots of earnestly enjoyable crowd banter. Along with MySpace shouts, Cham gave it up to his ladies ("This is the most white girls I've ever seen at any of my shows!") and even dropped some real words about his time as a duo with Paul Wall ("It was good while it lasted! But the media wants to make it some beef."), talking about how the two of them used to get booed off the stage at comedy club open mic nights.

Chamilitary Escalade aside, post-show parking lot pimping was a little on the budget side (trunks dont swang in Austin?) but we were too busy humming "Riding Dirty" and grinning at all the dudes in quadruple XXL tees carrying Love Is All covers of our mag to really care. What you know about Gothenberg? What you know about Olausson?

Posted: March 16, 2006
Here Lizard Lizard