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March 16, 2006

Getting to Austin wasn't particularly easy: wind-related delays in New
York, circling Houston for an hour, the regular travel goofiness...bleech.
By the time we reached Blender's opening night display, we hit the tequila
bar hard. Eschewing the margaritas and shots, we pulled a Barney Gumble
and yelled, "JUST HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!!!"

With at least seven different appearances booked—showcases, parties, Bat
Mitzvahs—one of our goals for SXSW was to see if we could NOT see bloggily
acclaimed Tapes N Tapes from Minneapolis. They were playing when we got
inside, so that's another one of our good intentions that went straight to
the shitter.

When Spoon started touring off of Gimme Fiction nearly a year ago, their
live set mirrored their recorded work faithfully, but after months of
kicking it around, Austin favorite sons sound refreshing gnarlier. Also,
frontman Britt Daniels is working his sex rat vibe harder. Nicely done.

Seeing that there are so many private side events and that any venue in
town with an actual stage is booked with official shows, independent
organizers have to get inventive with their locations. Last night's party
was held at the back end of a whole sale grocery distributor. So yeah, we
saw Echo & The Bunnymen play "Lips Like Sugar" on a loading dock. Welcome
to United Weirdness Of Texas.

Posted: March 16, 2006