Back At The Ranch...

March 18, 2006

We kicked out another days worth of jammery at the Levis/FADER Trading Post. There were tunes galore, and sweet sweet beer-y nectar flowed throughout. We took pictures of course, and they follow after the jump.

SXSW saw the US debut of Carl Barat's post-Libertines project Dirty Pretty Things with ex-Libs drummer Gary Powell, guitarist Anthony Rossomando (the touring
replacement when Pete Doherty's real "troubles" began), and new bassist Didz Hammond. The new material was more aggresive and less drunk-on-the-dancefloor
sing-along, but still hit hard. Though when they whipped out "Death On The Stairs" people were suitably stoked. The band went Wild Ones style, looking
like a British biker gang from the ’50s with matching black leather jackets, though Powell went topless as

Sweden's Nicolai Dunger quietly impressed with his mix of country-blues-soul that recalled late-period Van Morrison. Days Like This where you at? Still in my dad's CD player, holla!

The newly whittled down Gomez brought the bro-mez good vibes as they continue to continue in the legacy of weirdo pop bands that the UK's been fostering for the last few decades.

Of course, we can't forget DUUUUUUUULLI. The one-time Whig played molten hot jams from his forthcoming Twilight Singers album, Powder Burns, and a few selections from earlier Twilight platters. Then he was off to pray for his Ohio State Buckeyes in the NCAA tournament.

Back At The Ranch...