Blood On The Dancefloor

March 31, 2006

Decisions, decisions. We've all made them. Most of the Rhodes Scholars here at FADER gave up prospective careers in the Arena Football League, hedge fund management and assasination for hire to work here at the your favorite magazine's favorite magazine. We made that choice. And Saturday night we make another, as two of the world's bestest DJ teams save people's lives in Philly and New York (respectively), and we can only check out one of 'em.

In the City of Brotherly Love, local bros Hollertronix reunite (at last) to make the men and women of the Delph forget the fact that the Sixers are going 100mph into the toilet and that you can never park anywhere. Ever. They are joined by equally Philadelphian and equally funky Brendan Bring Em at Brendan and Low Budget's new weekly, the Pop Off Shack, at the Metro Lounge on Fairmount.

Ordinarily, we'd be on the NJ turnpike in no time, stopping only for a Cinnabon and some trucker speed to experience the love. But we have some of our own NYC-brand fun to have. Whenever a new month starts (happens about every 30 or so days, dogs), you are guranteed that that rent is due...AND THE RUB IS ABOUT TO MELT YOUR COLD COLD HEART. Ayres, Cosmo and Eleven will put Southpaw in Park Slope on something approaching blast.

We're so overwhelmed with the opportunities we don't know what to do with ourselves. Join the fun. PS - Ayres is guesting with us tonight on East Village Radio, so tune in from 6-8pm, ladies and dudes.

Posted: March 31, 2006
Blood On The Dancefloor