We’re A Canadian Band

April 05, 2006

Yes, you’ve read a couple of accounts of Stills performances of late on this very internet site, so it shouldn't be a surprise that last night found a bunch of us at the famed Mercury Lounge for the first of two shows with (some people’s) favorite old-new imports—and they were ***still*** awesome.

OK so most of the people there were from a little corner of the Bummeroutville known as “The Music Industry” and there were more than a handful of annoying first album acolytes jumping up and down to “Still In Love” and no one actually seemed that totally enthused (read: air guitaring) except for us, but man that second album is good — like so good that we could excuse the vaguely douchey hair tossing and thrashing over the guitars and weird feedbacky posing antics that went on on stage.

The musical plus-one of the evening was a rendition of “Retour A Vega”, that little French ditty they knocked out for the Wicker Park soundtrack—which as the title and lyrics suggest, is sung in French (even outside of Montreal), and which sounded awesome even though they might have been singing about Josh Hartnett or Matthew Lillard (etc).

In short: Stills on the road now = awesome. We promise we wont bother you about this any more.

Posted: April 05, 2006
We’re A Canadian Band