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Friendship Has Its Privileges

April 18, 2006

We use the popular social networking website MySpace for a variety of reasons. Stalking ex-significant others, exchanging spirited comments with fellow purveyors of Final Fantasy fan-fic, you know...the usual. But most of all we use it to keep up with members of the extended Star Trak fam. And while their latest missive doesn't quite match the now-deleted Rosco P Coldchain post about his "Good Pussy" philosophy (go Google cache that shit), tentative Clipse tour dates are still pretty noteworthy.

We love Push and Mal. It's a matter of public record. And while they've been sitting on their soon-to-be-known-as-a-certified-classic-album Hell Hath No Fury longer than Katie Holmes has been incubating that martian seed in her belly, they've started to make their presence felt to the rap-happy public. Now, according to their MySpace page, the snow biz bros will take to the road with one of the fathers of their (and pretty much damn near everyone else's) style, joining Amerikkka's favorite family comedy star Ice Cube on his promo tour for his Laugh Now, Cry Later album in coming in June. Check below for the itinerary so far (including a bunch of TBA promo days), and get ready for what the elders call "REAL HIP HOP."

April 20th
House of Blues, Anaheim CA (Ice Cube tour)

April 21st
4th & B, San Diego CA (Ice Cube tour)

April 21st
Ventura Theatre, Ventura CA (Ice Cube tour)

April 23rd-24th
Los Angeles, CA (promo)

April 25th
The Filmore, San Francisco CA (Ice Cube tour)

April 26th
Senator Theatre, Chico CA (Ice Cube tour)

April 28th
Roseland, Portland OR (Ice Cube tour)

April 29th
Showbox, Seattle WA (Ice Cube tour)

May 1st
Jacksonville FL (promo)

May 2nd
Orlando FL (promo)

May 3rd
Tampa FL (promo)

May 4th
West Palm Beach FL (promo)

May 5th-6th
Miami FL (promo)

May 7th-11th
New York NY (promo)

May 12th
BB Kings, New York NY (Ice Cube tour)

May 13th
TLA, Philadelphia PA (Ice Cube tour)

May 14th
9:30 Club, Washington DC (Ice Cube tour)

May 15th
DC and Baltimore MD (promo)

May 16th
Fayetteville & Raleigh NC (promo)

May 17th
Greensboro & Charlotte NC (promo)

May 18th
Earthlink Live, Atlanta GA (Ice Cube tour)

May 19th
Atlanta GA (promo)

May 20th
Warehouse Live, Houston TX (Ice Cube tour)

May 21st-22nd
Texas/SW (promo)

May 23rd
Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas TX (Ice Cube tour)

May 24th
Texas (promo)

May 26th-27th
Midwest promo run (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo)

May 28th-29th
Miami (Promo)

June 3rd
Los Angeles CA (Ice Cube tour)

Posted: April 18, 2006
Friendship Has Its Privileges