Rubbing The Road

May 01, 2006

Since we're sponsoring their tour, we figured it'd only be right for A-Trak and The Rub to keep us posted with updates from the road. After the jump, DJ Ayres fills us in on the first few dates of their Sunglasses Is A Must city-to-city extravaganza.

We're in Philly about to head to DC right now, and A-Trak had to fly up to New York real quick to tape a performance with Kanye on the David Letterman show. He's excited about meeting Paul Shafer, because he considers himself the Paul to Kanye's Dave. So far we did Boston and New York, then A-Trak jumped out to LA to do a Kanye show at Coachella while The Rub played a huge college party, and last night we were all back together in Philly. We were planning on wearing sunglasses on stage but it turns out it's impossible to see what we're doing with sunglasses on. I'm usually the only one who ever wears them.

Our stage setup is four turntables, four computers (three Serato & one Ableton), a loop pedal, three mixers and a sampler - it looks like a fucking spaceship when we put it all together.

Our show is the three of us rocking on four turntables all night, doing lots of live remixing (we have a bunch of new live smash-togethers nobody has heard before), making party breaks with loops, playing party shit and then A-Trak takes solos to do his juggle & scratch routines.

I didn't expect to see anyone with more elaborate hair than the G.O.O.D. Music crew but this dude Gump took it to the next level with allover designs!

Cuizinier has been doing the damn thing through the universal language of gold grillz and crunk beats.

Yesterday before the show, we went to the zoo in Philly. The gorillas were HUGE and they had a Bunny Village (naturally we sent Oxy Cottontail a text blast).

When A-Trak thinks a girl is pretty he says "I would like to make friends with her." It's precious.

The legendary DJ Too Tuff from Tuff Crew came out to the Philly show and chilled all night. He is the dude of dudes. If you don't believe me, check out

RJD2 is dude too. But y'all knew that.

Ben BSK is a retardedly talented photographer - he did the Pharoahe Monch album, the Diplo album, etc.

Veronika is my wife. Rahnon is The Rub's door girl and favorite person. Todd Gardner is a great house producer.

Look for more pictures and bloggery soon!

Posted: May 01, 2006
Rubbing The Road