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May 04, 2006

Lord knows swagger jacking is something we do not condone. Swagger appreciation, however, is a different story entirely! We recently spotted Stevie Williams rocking some crisp black and white Iverson IVs, and it reminded us about the blog idea scrawled on a desktop Post It note behind a stack of unlistened-to CD promos that read "OPINE ABOUT THE CRIMINAL SLEPT ON-NESS OF ALLEN IVERSON'S SIGNATURE FOOTWEAR."

The Answer has a lifetime sneaker deal with RBK, and is presently ten seasons deep into his collection. Admittedly, some models in the series have been real clunkers. But, much like Iverson's actual career with the 76ers, the occasional stabs at greatness truly shined. (Our eyes shot out of their sockets when Cosmo Baker hit us with throwback pics from the Remedy in Philly that prominently featured yellow-and-blue Questions).

The moral of the story? Don't forget about these "jewelz" when thinking about all the Jordans, Forces, and other joints in your personal footy best-ofs. We will continue to floss our IVs, root for the underdog, and secretly hope for a crazy blue and green colorway if AI gets traded to Minnesota over the summer. Stay tuned for forthcoming posts where we wax poetical on Dikembe Mutombo's kente cloth Adidas for no real reason whatsoever!

Posted: May 04, 2006