Billionaire Boys Club

May 17, 2006

Like some kind of candy-colored, Photoshopped mixtape cover come to life, Skateboard P and Dropout K have joined forces for "Number 1", the latest single from Pharrell's oft-delayed In My Mind LP. Now that there's a proper, interweb leaked version of the song floating around (get Googling! Or just wait for Good Morning America!), we can kick the thoughts that have been traipsing through our mind garden since we first listened to the track on a Def Jammer's iPod a few weeks back. After the jump, watch us do exactly that, in handily numbered (yuk yuk) format, no less!

1) Trevor Jackson wants some royalties. Just saying.

2) Pharrell chirping "fuck your pretty face" is creepy. (Interscope insists dude's saying "look for your pretty face" but we heard what we heard.)

3) "I'ma Fed-Ex my love/ And have you sign for my heart" - really, Kanye? Like, we almost let "You be giving me my space/ You don't be running on MySpace" get a pass, but jeez...

4) The wardrobe room for whenever they film the "Number 1" clip is going to be a preview of the Matrix 12. We hope that manpurses are somehow involved.

5) This song is a JAM though (what, you thought it was gonna be all snarks-n-darts?) and there better be some rollerskating scenes in the video that live up to the track's disco-stepper pulse and amazingly plinky keyboard poptronix.

Posted: May 17, 2006
Billionaire Boys Club