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May 22, 2006

In one mail day, we recieved Yung Joc's New Joc City, Da Muzicianz' self-titled album, and a DVD for BHI's "Do It, Do It (Poole Palace)." It is perhaps more snapping than a single Monday afternoon is meant to contain but WE WILL RUN WITH IT.

A quick once-over reveals that:

  • Lil Jon is psyched to announce all the dances at the end of "Do It, Do It" ("WESTSIDE WALK IT OUT!") but our favorite part is the dude in the blonde Andre 3000 wig.

  • Mr Collipark didn't get the "snap music" memo and instead composed an amazing slab of Martian techno called "Gyrate" (and put it last on Da Muzicianz' CD just to yell "SURPRISE!" and melt our face off.)

  • Most of Yung Joc's album"remarkably similar" to "Goin Down". Which is not necessarily a negative. And for the Dungeon Family obsessives in our office (that would be all of us, then) there's even a Black Owned C-Bone cameo!

More updates throughout the afternoon as we see fit. Was that Gucci Mane in the "Do It, Do It" clip? He looks taller.

Posted: May 22, 2006