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June 01, 2006

We were wandering outside today and somehow ended a couple blocks uptown at the Universal offices. OK, they invited us over. To hear jams! We listened to some new DJ Shadow cuts (more on Josh's latest tomorrow) and songs from the Rapture's upcoming record (more on those right now! Erm...after the jump).

Gotta Get Myself Into It
Paul Epworth and Ewan Pearson behind the boards for this one, a Madchester-y track built around a dope drum shuffle and lots of sax. Luke shouts "don't talk shit" and there's a breakdown that sounds like Fat Albert's junkyard band. Buh-bwomp buh-bwomp.

Dangermouse production! With no samples! Sounds that way, anyhow. In between the easygoing "NA NA NA NA" chorus, clacky intro (sounds like "Goody Two Shoes" but maybe that's just us) and Matty on the mic, we're sold. Layers of synth added up upon each other with every verse / chorus is a nice touch.

Live In Sunshine
Oh shit, Epworth went and pulled out his Beatles records. The world is better for it. RAGA!

Don Gon Doin It
Hooky as fuck - there's backwards vocal tracks and stomping Queen references galore, not to mention a great call-and-response bit with the female backing chorus. The winner by far out of everything we heard today, and probably the most representative of the new tracks' fuller (but still wonderfully unpolished) production approach.


Still a banger. And the cowbells are louder.

Posted: June 01, 2006
Office Space