Office Space, Part II

June 02, 2006

Like we promised, here's a little advance notice on some joints we heard yesterday from DJ Shadow's The Outsider. We had already heard "3 Freaks" and the David Banner-led "Seeing Thangs", and asked to hear any other tracks featuring MCs. Our quick lowdown after the jump.

That's My Part
A slap - no, scratch that, a BLAP - featuring E-40. Really phenomenal track, perhaps the first time that DJ Shadow has been called "pimp" on record. Or ever. This one almost sounds like hyphy prog, with constant, subtle changes to the beat and minor-key keyboard lines throughout. The use of the Super Mario coin noise ("BLLLLINNNG!") as a percussion element was a nice touch.

Turf Dancing
"Scrapin through Davis!" The clubbiest track from Shadow yet, with a dance call-out section ("NOW AIRWALK!") and quotables from the Federation ("She ghostridin my dick!")

Keep Em Close
Nump (of "I Got Grapes" fame) surprises with a particularly dark verse on this creeper in 3/4 time.

Unexpectedly, the most un-DJ Shadow moment doesn't come from Yay Area gangster rappers, but Q-Tip and Lateef, who team up over wildly upbeat guitar strums and a pop chorus. (This is the point where we whisper to our neighbor, "Nerds are going to be soooooo mad.")

Posted: June 02, 2006
Office Space, Part II