Summer Jams

June 15, 2006

Rick Ross photo by Jason Nocito from F39

Hey, remember last week, when we couldn't stop talking about the free PDF of our new issue on iTunes? Well, we're back with more podcast action for you fine folks - this time it's a mix of music from the current issue. All the cover stars, feature stories, and Gen F upstarts are included for you to check out and and enjoy. Subscribe in iTunes here, get it for your RSS program here, or just download the audio podcast by itself here (right-click and save-as). Check the tracklist after the jump.

Rick Ross, "Hustlin" (0:00)
Lil Wish, "Pop Drop" (1:46)
Feenix Feenom, "Jukebox" (2:50)
Pink Mountaintops, "New Drug Queens" (4:20)
Justice, "Waters Of Nazareth" (5:58)
CSS, "Lets Make Love And Listen To Death From Above" (9:41)
Bonde Do Role, "Salt O Frango (Role Theme)" (11:14)
Busy Signal, "Step Out" (13:24)
Brightblack Morning Light, "Everybody Daylight" (15:11)
Coughee Brothaz, "We Gettin High" (18:17)
Blak Jak, "Ride Swerve (f. Project Pat)" (21:59)
Bella, "Caught Up" (24:30)
Raje Shwari, "Average Bitch" (28:08)
Nina Sky, Nore, Big Mato, Pitbull, Fat Joe, Lumidee, Negra, Chingo Bling, "Mas Maiz" (30:28)
Raghav, "Teri Baaton" (32:10)
Uffie, "Pop The Glock" (34:03)
Stylofone, "Part III: The Hot Stepper" (35:29)
Twilight Singers, "40 Dollars" (38:14)
Damon McMahon, "Elizabeth Taylor" (40:28)
Ladyhawk, "The Dugout" (43:46)

Posted: June 15, 2006
Summer Jams