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Go Go Go

July 31, 2006


We featured the Team in a big "new bay" feature back in January '05, and since then, the crew have dropped multiple singles from their Negro League and World Premiere discs, guested on the last Goapele album, and even launched the Hyphy Juice energy drink (complete with a theme song on green vinyl!) The latest project from Oakland's finest is a solo mixtape from Team MC Kaz Kyzah called The Go-Fessional, which you can download for free at the website of KMEL DJ Big Von. It samples everyone from Biggie to Forrest Gump, features a Town take on Tribe's "Electric Relaxation" entitled "Goivlization" ("You got Team posters on your bedroom wall..."), and is pretty great, so go get it ASAP.

Posted: July 31, 2006
Go Go Go