Oh Shit!

August 24, 2006

A surprise came in the mail today - an advance of the new White Magic album Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (look it up if you're so inclined), along with the first single, "Katie Cruel." As we expressed earlier, we didn't know what to expect - Mira Billotte and Doug Shaw have a zillion different influences, from the classic to the super-obscure, and it was anybody's guess what the result of their pretty wild studio experimentation might yield. The result? We're only six tracks in, and there have already been a couple live favorites that sound amazingly amazing. The performances are crisp and emotional, and Joe Blaney's production is, umm, crisp and emotional - not too buried, and not too much attack. Also, there's sitar, gongs, erhu, accordion and something called a roxichord (see why we were nervous?) in addition to the expected guitars from Doug and piano and vocals from MB. It's way closer to the sound of our beloved Through The Sun Door than we expected, which isn't to say it sounds much of anything like Through The Sun Door. Our weekend just got so much fucking better, as did your mid November (album is out 11/14). Thanks, Mira ’n' Doug! Tracklist and credits after the jump.

1. The Light

2. Hear My Call

3. Childhood Song

4. What I See

5. All The World Wept

6. Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

7. Sun Song

8. Hold Your Hand in the Dark

9. Katie Cruel

10. Sea Chanty

11. Palm and Wine

12. Song of Solomon

Mira Billotte: Vocals, piano, guitar, roxichord, Rhodes, melodica

Douglas Shaw: Guitars, erhu, gongs, compact organ, percussion

Shahzad Ismaily: Bass, upright bass, clay pot

Tim Dewit: Drums

Jim White: Best Drums Ever

Jesse Lee: Drums

Tim Barnes: Droms, Percussion, Bells

Samara Lubeski: Violin

Chris Rael: Sitar

Karen Leblanc: Accordion

Posted: August 24, 2006
Oh Shit!