Storch The Redeemer

August 30, 2006

Every year or so it seems we have a blissful musical moment where all is forgiven for Scott Storch - one hot ass track that washes away all the ultra-cheesball club songs, radio panderings, and Brooke Hogans, if only for a few minutes. Last time it was the awesomely hollow drum knock of Freeway's "Where You Been" (PS WHERE IS FREE AT LAST?) and this fall it might just be the Fat Joe and Lil Wayne collab "Make It Rain."

At first glance, this strip clubber could have been another typical SS production - chomp cigar, cut, paste. But just as Joey Crack declares "Why's everybody so mad at the south for? Change your style up, switch to southpaw..." you realize the real changeroo came with the stock SS keyboard presets, thrown out the window in favor of squishy synth horns; also missing are Storch's typically weaksauce minor-key melodies, which have been swapped for playful, triumphant figures. And just so you don't think he's stopped ripping off his own past hits only to rip off Mannie Fresh and DJ Toomp instead, in comes an instrumental breakdown - faux heavy metal guitars and ridiculous-but-rad live drum rolls (think Smitty from the Tonight Show band).

All told, "Make It Rain" is a great little single with a sense of fun that hasn't been heard in dude's beats for some time. We're sure he's gonna go put some awful strings on a Paris Hilton track now, in which case we'll just have to reach back into the stacks and type up a "Bladow" appreciation post.

Posted: August 30, 2006
Storch The Redeemer