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Lucky Sevens

September 06, 2006

Two minature slabs of wax weirdness hit the office today, and we couldn't be more psyched.

First is a super limited 7" single (we got #13 of 300) of Jandek's "Your Other Man," remixed by Phoenecia and Secret Frequency Crew. Yes, we just wrote JANDEK REMIXES. In case you haven't checked this insane documentary (or followed his recent-ish live appearances), Jandek is one of the world's premiere outsider artists/musical oddballs, and on this record he's been given an electro treatment by like-minded tweakers from Miami and NYC.

Next in the mailbag is a musical project from pixel lysergists Paper Rad called Paper Rad Uniform. The four short, bizarro songs are chapters in the team's "hyper-color mythical universe," and smash up metal riffs, ravey sounds, and general noise. This one is pretty great too. Get your Fisher Price portables and PayPal accounts ready, kids.

Posted: September 06, 2006
Lucky Sevens