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Can’t Wait

September 28, 2006

Attention arts lovers and proud flyers of the freak flag: this Friday night (September 29) the
Orphanage Gallery in Silver Lake, California will be hosting the opening reception of the Eager Believer exhibit. But wait, there's more. Among the artists featured in this group show are primo musicians Devendra Banhart, Arrington De Dionyso of Old Time Relijun, Rob Doran of Alkaline Trio, Neil Michael Hagerty of the the Howling Hex, and Nabob Shineywater from Brightblack Morning Light. Also the night will feature a DJ set from Mr Banhart (aka DJ D-Bonez). We're not sure what Banhart spins, but we heard he's into German micro-house and Kylie Minogue mash-ups. Although there is a good chance we just made that up this very second.

Posted: September 28, 2006
Can’t Wait