January 30, 2006

The music forums over at Soul Strut have provided us with endless hours (post-workday, of course...) of entertainment, knowledge, and crucial insights on the musical genius of Leo Sayer. A grip of Strut regulars have just dropped mix CDs, and, as you might expect from a message board populated by DJ/producer/record nerd types, they are THAT HOT FIRE.

Oliver "O-Dub" Wang delivers a compilation of joints collected from/inspired by his mp3 blog (all officially licensed and coming to a store near you in March); record spinner and pixel pusher Mike The 2600 King comes with Heavy Session, a mix-n-match set as awesomely intricate as it's cover art; Brooklyn's Tom Thumz (aka Dr Delay) brings blends and Lifers' Group obscurities on Medium: Rare II; and Yay Area scritchy-scratchers Ross Hogg and B. Cause drop the second edition of their superhyphy, FADER-featured Slump And Grind mixtape series. Cop all four.

(Then, for the love of everything, put down the mouse and go outside. We will try and follow our own advice. Although there's a Strut thread on Raphael Saadiq that's starting to heat up...)

Posted: January 30, 2006