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Dear Mattie

October 31, 2006

We saw your performance last night at Webster Hall. Much respect to the Presets and the rest of your band (the Rapture) but your shit stole the show.

First: Gabe you have some seriously rocking dance moves, and with that full body rock on sax, you're almost unstoppable. PS we're suckers for cowbells.

Vito: you're hidden behind that drum kit but real recognize real. And everyone loves you Luke because you have a good jawline and a ferocious yelp (which, don't get us wrong, is great), but that weird guitar flossing/gesture of destruction at the end of the show confused us.

Basically it all came down to when Mattie hopped on the mic and started dancing around in manskinny jeans for "Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh" AND IT WAS SHREDDING. We even got into some Simon Says All Together Now Dance moves for that celebration/rip off of Goodie Mob People dont dance no more/ They just stand there like this.

On some actuality levels, there was no way we were gonna just stand there (it's the fucking Rapture come on plus there was like, a lot of vodka at our office Halloween party beforehand) but we can honestly say that we danced that much more because of Mattie Safer. Yes, we featured dude in our Issue 40 exxxplosionoftoomuchmusic but last night is just further confirmation that

We. Fuck. With. This. Dude.

Posted: October 31, 2006
Dear Mattie