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Shots Fired

October 31, 2006

Because this ain't that type of party, we won't go into the rumors that we've heard about why LA club boys Steve Aoki and Franki Chan no longer DJ together, but we couldn't help but notice the passive aggressive beefing the two partook in during their respective weekly web blasts.

In Aoki's Dim Mak events missive he advised party people to check out DJ sets from MSTRKRFT and Justice on Monday night at the Standard Downtown, rather than on their Halloween night gig at Safari Sam's for Chan's Check Yo' Ponytail party, advising, "$5 to get in instead of dishing out $25 to see them on tuesday in LA. Rave prices are back in LA again... ugggh."

The following day Chan responded by turning the sarcasm knob to full blast and wrote about the Standard show (which his IHEARTCOMIX was apparently also sponsoring), " BIG THANKS to our friends over at DIM MAK for being such outstanding people and taking the initiative to advertise this event as well! It’s sometimes harsh in this day and age when there is so much competition to be supportive of one another’s events. It’s really big of them to display such a strong sense of scene unity!! We‘re very excited about these shows too!!!"

Peace gods, we're just waiting for some new Bloc Party remixes to dance to.

Posted: October 31, 2006
Shots Fired