Sideshow: Day Two

November 06, 2006

"Y'all just putting up Thursday pictures now?" Easy, patna. It's been a second since the last recap from our CMJ spot because we were busy enjoying ourselves at the place (not to mention looooong afterwards). It's not every day you have such a bounty of free bands and DJs running through your town - and besides, Stereogum was holding it down on the posts, so quit yr bellyaching. That out of the way...ON TO LAST THURSDAY!!!

During daylight hours, the Changes, Lo-Fi Fnk (Weren't they adorable? And Swedish?), Dappled Cities Fly, Canada and the Archie Bronson Outfit busted out the guitars and such, so it was a nice switch up to hear Frida Hyvönen on her piano contraption once the sun set on Delancey. It ruled.

It wasn't as if anyone was taking things down a notch though, because the Annuals took the stage and got beer-y right after Frida finished. The North Carolinans didn't cover Petey Pablo (insert sad face) but they did do their best to bring back the ratty beach poncho as fashion statement and for that we salute them!

120 Days wrapped Thursday up on the band side with tireless energy and perhaps the most synthesizers we had on stage all week.

Following two stand-out DJ sets from Bay Arean Tap.10 and Spankrock producer XXXChange, Chicago brothers-from-another Flosstradamus came direct from the airport to Delancey Street and had us screaming along with "Throw Some Ds" until we had to kick everyone out of the place.

Posted: November 06, 2006
Sideshow: Day Two