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November 30, 2006

Original photo by Jason Nocito from F40

So Jay Jenkins's new one leaked (two weeks before street date, pretty much industry standard these days), but trust, this is the kind of album that mocks your earbuds and laughs at your tinny computer speakers. Ha HA! Still, we're bumping regardless, rewinding the Tony Robbins-worthy motivational speeches and hustler double entendres (911 Porsche/ I was on that flight...), debating whether or not Cool and Dre bit ('scuse us, "interpolated") Hall and Oates' "Out Of Touch" for "Streets On Lock," wondering out loud why everyone isn't rushing to get Shawty Redd on their album, and generally being amped to have our own re-playable copy of a record we've only had the chance to hear twice in various stages of completion. Though word is that the retail version will have bonus cuts: Best Buy gets the Three 6/Project Pat collab "Hood Rat" and the FADER 40 podcast-featured "I Love It," while iTunes is giving away the Chops-produced "National Anthem." Buy it on the 12th if you're "previewing" now, and check our full Q&A from the F40 Snowman story here.

Posted: November 30, 2006