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December 12, 2006

In regards to the Bred 2 Die, Born 2 Live LP that Lil Scrappy dropped a week or two ago, we could easily focus on bright spots like the Curtis-sampling "Baby Daddy," or the 50 Cent team-up that our dude Jake One cooked up, or even the real real solid, shoulda-been smash single "Money In The Bank." But when was the last time we did anything easy? We want to know what happened to two pre-release heaters left off the final album.

The swirling, eeeeeevil organs and background chants of "Pop It Off," produced by Tec Beatz of the Replacementz, got some mixtape shine in the summer of '05, but the song was absent from Bred 2 Die - which is a shame, because Scrappy was singing on the chorus! There was even more crooning on "Beatin Down The Block," where Scrappy got unexpectedly mellow over a Keith Sweat flip by Harry "Bingo" Bing, yet that too got relegated to promo-only status.

We're not really complaining - ok, we're complaining as fuck! Would be nice if labels/A&Rs/whomever felt more comfortable taking chances on somewhat left-field joints like these, instead of, y'know, "collaborations" with Olivia. Especially when there's 20+ song slots on a disc to play with.

Stay tuned next time when we wonder why the Neptunes-produced "The Ghost" and the Sleepy Brown/Bink song "Watch Ya Self" went missing from Styles P's long delayed solo disc. Liner note nerdz, unite and take over...

Posted: December 12, 2006