North Pole Walk It Out

December 20, 2006

It's the holidays, and your mom doesn't care whether you get fat or not. She's going to stuff you with, uh, stuffing and green bean casserole until it hurts. Not us. We care about your heart healthiness. In fact, we encourage you to start thinking now about an exercise regime for January, preferably to the tune of UNK's "Walk It Out." We even called UNK to talk about exercise, but forgot, and the conversation quickly devolved into cookies and presents. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Gorge on the seasonal wit of Atlanta's finest fitness expert after the jump.

What were some of the holiday traditions around the UNK household when you were growing up?

Well, I would always hear my parents come in real late with a bunch of bags, so I'd try to snoop around and see what's up. I never put it on Santa Claus because I knew it was my parents putting it together. But there were always a bunch of kids around who believed in Santa, so I put my little cookies out there. Some of them Oreos, some of them little lemon cookies, the little brown ones?

Nilla Wafers?

Yeah, something like that. Little round cookie, you could just put, like, five of them on your pinky and eat it.

What was the one gift you got as a kid that blew your mind?

I got this, I think it was a Huffy. It was a bicycle, but you could change the gears like a real car, like it had a shifter on the top bar. Yeah, had that one. You couldn't tell me nothing. I went so far as to find a suit to match it. Just ride around and wear the suit all the time.

What did the suit look like?

It looked just like the bike. Like, you know when you ride around in the dirt on the bike with them little bike suits and stuff? I went and found me one and wore it to school and everything.

How long after Christmas did you wear it?

I wore it for a good two months straight.


Nah, I wore it for about a month, though, for real. Like everytime I came home after school? Oh, I'd go put the suit on.

Dressing for the occasion is underrated. So, now that you're a little older and doing well, has anyone asked you for an extravagant gift?

Yeah, my daddy said he wants a Benz, but I don't know how he's going to get that.

You're not going to buy it for him?

Uhh, nope. Nah, I'm just playing. I gotta get my mom a car. That's the first thing. That's my number one priority right now.

Do you have any holiday wishes you'd like to send out to anyone?

Yeah. Everyone in the world, happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy New Years. Go buy the album. It's called Beat'n Down Yo Block. Put it up under somebody's Christmas tree. Get it clean for your kids. Hit me up on my MySpace. I'm gonna have a little Christmas special posted up in two days. Enjoy '06 while you can, '07 coming in. It's a new year. Happy holidays. Everybody stay out of trouble, and let's get to the money. Get, get, get it.

Posted: December 20, 2006
North Pole Walk It Out