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Professor Booty

January 04, 2007

Photo from F41 by Lauren Fleishman

Don't know if you all know this (and by "you all," we mean "greedy people"), but the internet actually rewards generosity. Just look at open source apps and other nerd goodness like that. It's free. Take it. Make it better. Pay it forward. Go to heaven. With that tradition in mind, witness the Haley Joel Awesomentness of Professor Murder, who give away killer songs like they're hugs and don't ask for nothing in return. Go here or here, and take your fair share. We highly recommend "That's How They Getcha" built on South Rakkas Crew's Chinkuzi Riddim. Or grab "Camron's New Color (Murderbot's Paradise Garage Pill Salesman's Dub)" or "Champion (Stars as Eyes' Is This Really Peppermint?? Mix)", both of which were just uploaded on the quiet. But remember, give as much as you take (hint: buy the P-Murder EP or their spanking new "Free Stress Test" single at Kanine Records) or you're going straight to hell.

Posted: January 04, 2007
Professor Booty