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Convenient Truth

January 26, 2007


The only thing we hate more than hating is global warming. However, it is 70-something degrees in LaLaLand today, and we are finding it difficult to be mad at anything. In fact, we may throw on the goggles and hit the pool. Maybe jam some of these new jams from Young Buck and DJ Khaled. It's been a long and lonesome winter in these streets, so it's nice to get a little heat finally. Buck's "Get Buck", produced by our dude Polow da Don, is cool, if a little less than we'd expected, but Khaled's "We Takin' Ova" is wild– half MTV Spring Break, half Ringling Brothers. We think Danja (pictured above) chopped up the dirty Danny Elfman-style organs for T.I., Weezy, Rawss, Crack and Konvict (there can never be enough Akon), but we know for sure he did the crazy beat for Trey Songz' "Wonder Woman" because it's on his Myspace page and is an unadulterated Boone's-bonging Panama City thong song.

Posted: January 26, 2007
Convenient Truth