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Fab Time

January 29, 2007


Remember when everyone thought NYC was done? That was funny. Proving that it does indeed pay to regularly check Fabolous' Myspace page, we stumbled upon new Big Apple blockbuster "Return of the Hustle," ("Diamonds on my Damn Chain" isn't half bad either) produced by Justin Blaze, hype duties fulfilled by Mr. Swizz Beats, Esq. (sartorially splendiforous above) and Mr. Loso himself, of course, who treads new ground by comparing the height of your money stacks to Bow Wow. It sounds like Swizz told Just to make a Swizz beat and Just complied with Just horns, Just strings, and Swizz bounce and claps. You can stream the song on Fab or Just's Myspace, and you can read our interview with Swizzy from last summer here. You can also send positive mental energy to Swizzy and his wifey Mashonda who just had Swizzy Jr. a couple weeks ago. The more Swizzes, the better.

Posted: January 29, 2007
Fab Time