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Capital Steps

February 23, 2007


Good news for people who love good parties! Next Tuesday is our wham-bam-thank-you-Intern-Sam release party for the Kentucky fried gemstone we like to call, familiarly, around here at the playpen bka the pig sty bka the field of dreeems, ISSUE 44!!!!! We would be bummed if it was just a bunch of people standing around drinking Budweiser Select and looking at each other, so we invited DC Go-Go-flavored rap superstars Tabi Bonney and Wale (above, hollering) to perform—and folks, they are bringing some friends. Friends with junior congas and timbales. Psst, hey, was there a club called Danceteria somewhere up in America? And it closed? Yeah well it will be back open this Tuesday after 9pm, people! Except it's called Don Hill's! Bring a soft soled jazz shoe, a sneaker with arch support—hell, wear something with a manheel—but make sure you got your dancing shoes on! The dream is real! Invite and info after the jump! RSVP at us!

Posted: February 23, 2007
Capital Steps