March Is Schnipper Month: A and B

March 02, 2007


As mentioned earlier, FADER contributor Matthew Schnipper has turned his Schnipper's A-Z zine into a large-scale installation in the windows of the Apartment on Crosby Street in NYC. It opens tonight, you should stop by from 7-9pm. To coindide with the installation, for each day of the month (give or take a couple) we're going to post up Schnip's A-Z entries, complete with accompanying audio podcast for that letter. You can check the first two after the jump.

Animal Collective, Here Comes the Indian LP

I worked two summers as an intern at an enormous corporate law firm. I spent most of my first summer working on a case related to pharmaceuticals. Because of the nature of the cases being handled, though, I was more temp-like, working piecemeal on projects as opposed to assisting consistently. This entailed a lot of grimy work, mostly redacting and page checking; meaning for me, essentially, a lot of dull details and paper cuts. One week, though, a large set of documents arrived needing work. They were death reports related to the use of our client’s drug. My job was to read through them and remove the names of any persons mentioned; victims, family members, doctors, police, etc. I did this all by hand, cutting up white tape and covering confidentialities for three days, Animal Collective’s new album hissy on my headphones. The deaths all started to look similar after a while, mostly overdoses and murders. There were a few suicides, though, and those were hard. Addicted and without further source of the drug, a young southern man jumped off a building and died. I crossed his name out and filed his papers back in the box.

Letter A podcast: Ade, Sunny, Synco Feelings

Bikini Kill “I Like Fucking” 7”

In middle school when I was sick and in the hospital I didn’t feel good. To compensate, my parents let me call the record store in Massachusetts and buy records over the phone, charge them to their credit card. I got a Cub 7”, a Flesheaters tape and “I Like Fucking.” My parents were disappointed I’d use their money to order a record called “I Like Fucking.” So, though I asked, they didn’t bring my portable record player to the hospital and I was only able to look and relook at the records during my inpatient week. When I went home and listened, I liked the B-side better, anyway. I played it, “I Hate Danger,” once while DJing. It was the last song of my set and when I left the booth, Kathi Wilcox, the Bikini Kill bassist, was there, and while I can’t say for sure, I want to believe she wasn’t happy to hear herself.

Letter B podcast: Bikini Kill, "I Like Fucking / I Hate Danger"

Posted: March 02, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: A and B