March Is Schnipper Month: C

March 05, 2007


Last Friday FADER contributor Matthew Schnipper kicked off Schnipper Month with a double dose of A and B, and today he continues with… C. Just like it says in the title. You can see a large-scale installation of Schnipper's A-Z zine in the windows of the Apartment on Crosby Street in NYC if you're out and about, but, if not, remember to check in tomorrow for the next entry whose letter we will keep a surprise.

Cold Cold Hearts, Yer So Sweet (Baby Donut) 7”

After seeing a show in Arlington, Allison Wolfe of Cold Cold Hearts asked for a ride back to D.C. My friend Brian and I offered her one. We chatted about music, me up front, Allison in the back. She brought up her excitement about the recent reformation of XBXRX. I was unaware they’d gotten back together, I said. I was pleased, though, as I’d seen one of the member’s art-project-style band, Hawnay Troof, recently and found them not only horrific, but also borderline offensive. I expounded upon this to Allison, fully vigorous and spewing. She listened but didn’t respond. Then we got to my dorm and Brian dropped me off and I wished them goodnight. Later he told me as soon as I’d gotten out of the car she turned to him and said Hawnay Troof was her band.

Letter C podcast: Cold Cold Hearts, Yer So Sweet (Baby Donut)

Posted: March 05, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: C