March Is Schnipper Month: D

March 06, 2007


Throw Some D's on it, Schnipps! Sorry, had to be done. Continuing Schnipper Month with today's D installment is FADER contributor Matthew Schnipper whose Schnipper's A-Z installation can currently be seen in the front window of the Apartment on Crosby Street in New York City. Make the jump for Schnipper's D.

Descendents, Milo Goes to College LP

When you have a colostomy bag, you don’t sleep on your stomach. This isn’t something they tell you, but something you intuit. Twelve-year-old me, equipped temporarily with a bag, figured this out quick enough, despite having a thing for being face down and flat on the mattress. Still, I didn’t much mind the colostomy; the new sleeping was the worst part. Of course I was still mortified and didn’t tell anyone, knew that I was shitting out my side into a bag wouldn’t be the coolest thing to share with my school friends. But I soldiered, mildly fascinated with body progress until one night in my sleep, the bag filled with gas, I rolled over onto my stomach and it exploded. Up until then, the colostomy was my momentary relief between surgeries, and this accident I opted not to handle. I calmly walked the hall to my parents’ bedroom and woke my former cancer nurse mother and explained the situation, told her for me this cleanup was not going to happen, and she assented, kind and accepting. Soon after, the Descendents began a reunion tour, playing New London on a school night. Typically strict, as a small reward for all of this, my parents let me go. I got my shirt signed and Bill Stevenson gave me his sweaty towel.

Letter D podcast: Devin The Dude, "Georgy"

Posted: March 06, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: D