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Water & Rawwws Go To Dallas

March 08, 2007

E-40 photo from F33 by Robert Yager

We just burnt one with Devin, and are busy getting ready to turn Austin to cinders with the rest of the music media illuminatti next week, but the real Texas fire lives a couple cities over, now that Dallas rapper Tum Tum has released this remix of his already-incendiary single (and FADER radio favorite) "Caprice Muzik." The original version was bumping as all hell, and definitely made O-Tumma into a maverick to check for, but now we get E-40 and Rick Ross on guest spots too?! Says 40: "Poopin on you varmints." Download our favorite remix that doesn't contain R Kelly right here (right-click and save-as).

Posted: March 08, 2007
Water & Rawwws Go To Dallas