March Is Schnipper Month: N

March 20, 2007

For today's chapter of Schnipper Month, Matthew goes fully into Numpville and lives out the intro to "I Got Grapes." We'll let him tell the story after the jump and remember to stop by the Apartment on Crosby Street to see the Schnipper's A-Z installation if you're in New York.

Nump, I Got Grapes 12”

Visiting DC and walking in Adams Morgan with friends, a van pulled up with taped on Mac Dre posters on the side. They rolled the window down and asked for directions to George Washington University. We pointed them south and asked what they were doing and with ripped Bay Area posters taped to the windows. They were vague, passed us promo CDs to evade answers. I stupidly said, “I got grapes!” in reference to the song, new and semi-popular, so they knew we knew what was up. They took that to be the slang the song refers: that I had weed for them. They asked for my phone number and where the party was at. We told them it was on Euclid Street (which, that night, it was - at a friend’s intern’s house) and they promised to call. I don’t smoke weed. I’ve never smoked weed. But I let them know, at a party full of hippies, someone would be, and I told them to call later. My friends looked at me with sharp eyes, so when they called later I couldn’t answer. The next day, driving north on 95, they called and asked for weed. I told them I was in Delaware on my way to New York. They said they’d be in the city in a few days and would get at me then. They called, but I just couldn’t pick up.

Letter N podcast: Nump, I Got Grapes

Posted: March 20, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: N