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Swagger Lads

March 21, 2007


It didn't take much to figure out the special performing guest roster for Swagger's first NYC party last week given Kanye's allegiance to the brand's all-over-print numbers (remember last year's teddy bear slash dookie chain print?), although few people had anticipated the full-on GOOD Music invasion and Lupe-Kanye medley that ensued. The new new collection that we peeped at the Magic is in our opinion, even better--there's some amazing tie-dye stripage to look forward to and ye olde english tweed military jackets. But we digress. Swagger founders Big-O and Iggy were in town to host the party, and it's obvious that everyone took great pains not to show up in the same shirt--our boy Kanye gets bonus points for going with our pick of the season, the skyline Phenomenon print we reviewed last year. Null points go to dude from Sa-Ra for over-accessorizing his look with a Zorro mask. There's only room for one Pied Piper in the closet, Taz!!

Posted: March 21, 2007
Swagger Lads