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Ed Banger Tour Blog: The Day Time Forgot

April 04, 2007

The FADER presents the Ed Banger Tour Blog of The FADER/Puma presents The Ed Banger Tour, Day Sometime Last Week:

This morning the JUSTICE boys discovered the MOONDANCE just behind our
hotel in Soho. Our boy Brendan a.k.a Funkmaster Press handled it with passion, we decided to like
him, welcome in the Ed Rec family brotha.
We are in NYC to kick ass. Hiro Ballroom show is sold out, so we know we have to give all we have
on stage tonight.
When I mean all, I mean, we're gonna sweat, we're gonna bleed and at the end girls gonna cry.
We need energy, my addiction to red bull will not be enough... Hopefuly, our friend Aaron Lacrate
knows the deal.
Ed Banger's fly girl AMANDINE & VIVIAN from XLR8R joined us for the dinner.

Aaron recommands us the illest steak house in town : MARKJOSEPH under the Brooklyn bridge.
I now look like a pregnant woman, 24oz of red meat in my body, 1 pure NYC style cheese cake, i'll
need to dance hard to eliminate all this.

We ended up in lower east side at DARKROOM with the Vice London pussy (oups sorry, London Posse)
DJ MEHDI took care of the beats and makes us dance. ESG, Prince, Chromeo, all those tracks will
not be enough
to make the poor beef I ate disapear...


The internet is a lazy dog. Pardon the delay. Check after the jump for more photos and stay tuned for Busy P's wrap-up of last weekend's Ed Rec finale.

Lacrate & So Me

Amandine & Vivian

French cuisine

Busy Ps baby

Mehdi the Thighmaster

Posted: April 04, 2007
Ed Banger Tour Blog: The Day Time Forgot