Ed Banger Tour Blog: The End

April 05, 2007

The FADER presents the Ed Banger Tour Blog of The FADER/Puma presents The Ed Banger Tour, Day Sometime Last Week:

We're back in Paris, it's 10pm, the editor is chasing me to drop you our last ED REC x THE FADER journal intime.
I'd like to use this page to first THANX all the people who came to support us during this tour. We had a blast, you people killed it! really.
I'm gonna do a small re-re-rewind of our last shows...

Thank you, Ed Bangers! Check after the jump for Busy P's breathless recap of the crew's final days in North America and keep sending the crazy emails if you want one of the few remaining Ed Banger 12" platters.

Let's start with NYC, high expectation on this one. For me, NYC it's magic, so the party will have to be crazy.
We have our team of Vice recordings here, so we have to show them what we got, you know, we have to show
them that a bunch of Europeans can rock a crowd of New Yorkers who knows everything, New Yorkers who seen everything, New Yorkers better
than the others, you know what I mean...
First, Vice recordings test us by asking to sign some give aways 12".... 500 sleeves to sign, you bastards! We did it Adam!

Hiro Ballroom was packed as a jalapeno poppers, hot girls (easy it's NYC), Nerds (easy it's NYC), and lots of shemale (easy it's NYC)
Party was great, but honestly, they need to learn how to dance, or maybe drink more, or maybe take drugs! Sometimes I had to fight with
the audience to make them move. We cross the ocean to come to see you and you sleep, come on!
A closer view to a typical Ed Banger DJ booth...

A closer view to a typical Ed Banger Dancefloor...

Next stop, TORONTO…

Canada is a country I love for tons of reasons. Their flag is the best one on earth, I could drown in Maple syrup and girls are crazy (really!)
Few pics with short explanation.
Backstage, 1 minute before the show, "what should I wear ?" we're bunch of girls finaly!

SebastiAn & Xavier Justice, "what ?", we're not so cool…finaly!

Oh boy, the official ASIAN MOB from Toronto, 100% handmade tee shirts, Respect!

One of the rare picture with all the crew. SebastiAn, Justice, Dj Mehdi, Busy P…

Last stop, MONTREAL…

It's the third times Ed Banger records play in the French New York City. It's the biggest show of the tour,
1000 advanced tickets sold, big queue on St Laurent, it's gonna be big.
We decided to be professional for once, let's have a real merch booth! We have crazy demand about that
Ed Rec x Milkcrate tour Tee, I promise, we're going to do some more, stay tuned for retail infos.

It's midnight, doors are open since 9pm, crowd is screaming...SHOW TIME!

It's 2am, we're on stage since midnight, girls are moaning....STRIP TIME!


Time to fly back to Paris. 2 weeks in North america, lots of burgers in our blood, not a lot of sleep,
2 mobile phones lost, 1 missing suitcase, 20 Red Bulls (only for Pedro), 2 bottles of Rhum (for Xavier),
5 girls (sorry I can't tell for who...), 100 of cool people met, $1500 spent in a Dior homme jacket, 6 pairs of Puma Clyde,
50 Ed Rec 12" throw to the crowd, 1 fight (in NYC, a motherfucker tried to steale my Ice Cream jacket!), 35 hours of plane,
10 pairs of sunglasses (bought by So Me), I can continue for an hour.... but you have to go back to work my friend.

Sunglasses Airport Mafia

Posted with love and tears in his eyes by BUSY P

Posted: April 05, 2007
Ed Banger Tour Blog: The End