Turf Talk Tracks

April 19, 2007

A detailed tracklist of Turf Talk's West Coast Vaccine was released yesterday with production credits heavily in favor of spaceage slapper sculptors Droop E and Rick Rock. The album is out on June 5 on Sic Wid It and you can check the tracklist after the jump along with our Gen F on Turf from the current issue.

Got Slaps?

Turf Talk goes above & beyond

By Nick Barat

By the time rap history books catch up and canonize this first decade of the two-thousands, Turf Talk’s 2004 debut The Street Novelist will be remembered not as an early salvo in the hyphy movement, but a minor hip-hop classic, slotted right next to Spice 1, MC Eiht and the rest of the West Coast’s thug elite. The beats on Novelist are banging and futuristic, no less party-ready than any other moon rocks from the Bay, but Turf used them to drop corkscrew rhymes about hiding drugs in the shrubs (“Bundle Bush”) and talk about how it fucked up his hustle when the government took away food stamps. The album stayed true to Cali rap’s starched Dickies lineage while blasting into another orbit entirely, and in the process established Turf Talk as the state’s young turk.

Shuffling between Vallejo and Los Angeles as a child, the rapper born Demar Bernstein grew up idolizing his older cousin, Earl “E-40” Stephens. “40’s the tree, and we the branches,” he says. “In LA I would have Federal posters up on my wall, Mr Flamboyant posters.” The cover of Turf Talk’s new album, West Coast Vaccine, even features the MC hooked up to an IV on an operating table surrounded by stacks of albums, including E-40 and The Click’s Down and Dirty. “I always try to impress 40,” says Turf. “But every time I think I’m gonna get him in the booth, he tears me apart. I’ll do a verse, and he’ll say ‘Ugggghhh, I like that, Turfy!’ Then he’ll bust the same style.”

The family members share an affinity for unlikely lyrical detail and a consonant-grinding delivery—who else could make gangster rap sound harder just by pronouncing the Rs?—but Turf Talk has always distinguished himself with a grimier approach. Yet this past year, Turf saw his biggest mainstream recognition to date, touring Europe for two months as an invited guest of DJ Shadow, who featured the MC on the bouncy single “Three Freaks.” “Shadow showed me this is a real career,” he says. “I didn’t do rehearsals before I left to Europe. Now I always soundcheck with my DJ.” Despite any newfound professionalism, West Coast Vaccine doesn’t see Turf Talk abandoning his soil for the glamorous life any time soon. “I got shot, went through family problems, politic problems,” he says of the album’s genesis. “I got slaps, but this is not really a friendly album.”


Special guest; Akronems of Writers Block

Produced by NickFury

Bring The Base Back

Produced by Rick Rock

Doe Boy w/ E-40 & B-Legit

Produced by Droop E of the Pharmaceuticals

DJ scratches performed by DJ E Rock

Record Company Skit

Super Star w/ Lock Smith

Produced by C.M.T & E.A. Ski

I Got Chips w/ E-40

Produced by Rick Rock

Scratches performed by DJ E Rock

HK performed by Stress of The Federation

That's That Turf Talk

Produced by Tha Bizness For Tha Bizness Productions

HK performed by Goldy Gold of the Federation

Broke Niggas!

Produced by Droop E of the Pharmaceuticals

PoPo’s w/E-40

Produced by Droop E of the Pharmaceuticals

Back In The Day w/ Cartoon “Ruff Rider West” & Jelly Roll

Produced By Rome for B.Y.I. Entertainment

Money on ya Head w/KnockaMichie

Produced by Rick Rock

Le Me Holla at You w/ Rick Rock

Produced by Rick Rock

Fresh is the Word w/E-40

Produced by Jake 1

Dj Scratches performed by DJ E Rock

X w/ Yuk Mouth

Produced by Rick Rock

Liquor Store Skit

I'm Ghetto

Produced by Rick Rock

Stop Snitchin' w/E-40

Produced by Droop E of the Pharmaceuticals

Minnie Minnie w/ Freeway

Produced by Droop E of the Pharmaceuticals

Rippah w/ Too $hort

Produced by Troy Sanders for the Beat Connection


Produced by LA


Produced by Traxxamillion

Posted: April 19, 2007
Turf Talk Tracks