FADER Japan Is Our Hero

April 23, 2007

While we here in U.S. of A. slave away at giving you the brokenest of breaking news and mountains of hot jams, our bredren at
FADER Japan sit around playing tent bongo and sniffing cherry blossoms. The camera photo above is for the following post about t-shirts…

???????????STUSSY SHIBUYA?????????????JOSH CHEUSE???????????????????????????GO!???????????????DJ????????????????????5/25??FADER JAPAN???????????????????????????????COOL???????5/6????????????????????? STUSSY SHIBUYA?!

…and makes us incredibly proud to have such dudes as our Tokyo doppelgängers (superflous exclamation points! ALLCAPS!!!). Check back (ir)regularly for more information about Shibuya jumpoffs accompanied by photos of cats.

Posted: April 23, 2007
FADER Japan Is Our Hero